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Debbie Fawcett MAR - Reflexologist Chelmsford

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that involves using the thumb and fingers to apply pressure to points on either the hands or feet. These are referred to as reflex points. Each reflex point relates to an area of the body: - a system, organ or gland and manipulating them encourages the body to heal from within.

Each area of the foot or hand is worked in order to balance the body, and improve harmony in ones system. It is more common to work on feet, but hand reflexology can be used as a self-help tool.

How Can Reflexology Benefit Me?

There are numerous benefits to be gained from receiving a reflexology treatment. These may include:

Helps body to detoxify
Helps release mood-lifting and pain-killing endorphins
Reduction of mental stress
Increased energy levels
Improvement of blood and lymphatic circulations.


Having worked with many couples along their fertility journey, I understand some of the complexities that are involved in the process.

It can be an extremely stressful and emotional time for couples and I feel that reflexology is a highly effective tool in supporting one through the journey.

Many people find that they lead highly stressful, fast-paced lives and this coupled with difficulty conceiving can increase ones stress levels exponentially, leading to a vicious cycle.

Reflexology is deeply relaxing and therefore assists ones body and mind with reaching a balanced state, and this in turn, is believed to assist with balancing hormones (endocrine system).

Reflexology offers a space to de-stress, relax and balance ones body and therefore give individuals the best chance to success with their journey. Obviously, I cannot guarantee that reflexology will enable one to conceive, but as a holistic therapy, it can really help to support you through the highs and lows.

I do not offer any medical advice for fertility, but am happy to talk through some general health and wellbeing recommendations.

I am happy to work with both men and women at any stage of their journey.


Pregnancy can be an exciting and yet stressful time, as your body takes on many hormonal changes as it adapts to carrying new life inside of you. It is a time where mother needs to care for herself in order to ensure the best development possible for the baby.

As ones body adjusts to the hormonal effects - physiological (back pain, odema, nausea etc) as well as emotional (stress and anxiety) - reflexology can help alleviate some of them by balancing ones body and in turn, hormones, and help create a calm environment for the mother.

I am trained to work with women in all stages of pregnancy from conception to birth and beyond.

There is annecdotal evidence, (although cannot be guaranteed!) that statiscically, those that have regular reflexology throughout their pregnancies are likely to have a shorter labour with less need for medical intervention. Reflexology releases endorphins that relax one and reduce stress which can help with a smoother labour.

I also treat the mother post birth, be it a natural, or c-section as this can help with hormone balance and recovery.

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